— Patrick Ball, Concord Patch ...

Harry Bartlett is principle at Bartlett Interactive and the founder of Concord Conserves. But before either of those things, he was a photographer.

And all three of those aspects of Bartlett, plus his being a local resident, come together in a new photography exhibit, “Everyday, New Again,” now on display at Nashoba Brook Bakery in West Concord.

“It felt like a natural fit to exhibit some photographs down here,” said Bartlett, whose interactive communications company is located above the bakery on Commonwealth Avenue. “It combines my interests in the environment, also being a photographer for quite a while and also what I do for work.”

More than 40 years after building a dark room in his family’s attic, Bartlett’s interest in photography is still strong. While he’s no longer a full-time photographer, he still shoots for some clients and has a camera with him always — be it a Nikon or an iPhone.

“I think it’s really changed photography a lot,” Bartlett said of the emergency of camera-phones. “I always have a camera on me, and you never know when there is going to be a good shot.”

- Patrick Ball, Concord Patch...
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